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Reporting Metrics to Khronus

Khronus is an open source, distributed and reactive time series database designed to store, retrieve, analyze and process a large amount of custom metrics.


Add the kamon-khronus dependency to your project and ensure that it is in your classpath at runtime, that’s it. Kamon’s module loader will detect the module and automatically start it.


Set to point to your Khronus instance using a host:port value like Most likely, you will also want to set to the application name you wish to report metric as.

These are the configuration keys available and their default values (taken from the reference.conf file supplied with this module):

kamon {
  khronus {
    host = ""
    app-name = "kamon-khronus"
    # Time interval in milliseconds to flush the buffer and send the accumulated metrics.
    # It must be less than the smallest time window configured in Khronus.
    interval = 3000
    # Maximum number of measures to hold in memory within intervals.
    # Past this threshold, metrics will be discarded.
    max-measures = 500000

Reported Metrics

This reporter will automatically subscribe itself to the following categories:

  • counter.
  • histogram.
  • gauge.
  • trace.
  • executor-service.

The other important categories like akka-*, system-metrics, and http-server were not included in this initial version due to time constraints. Also, there are no facilities for filtering categories. Please feel free to jump in!