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Kamon Forecast - April 2028

27 Apr 2018

Dear community, yesterday Diego and Ivan had a call to discuss a bit of what we think the future of Kamon should look like and we wanted to summarize the ideas and share with the community.

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Kamon Core 1.1.0 and Several Modules Update

26 Feb 2018

Today we are announcing Kamon 1.1.0 with a couple bugfixes and a small but important improvement on context propagation, plus several minor updates on other modules that sort of went under the table for Akka, Akka Remote, Akka HTTP, Play Framework, Http4s and our sbt-aspectj-runner plugin.

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Kamon 1.0 is out!

18 Jan 2018

Dear people from the community, we are extremely pleased to announce that after months of efforts, Kamon 1.0 is finally out!. If you are already running Kamon 0.6.x or you are part of the adventurers who are already using 1.0.0-RCs in production, then it’s time to upgrade!

Before we get into it: Thanks. Thank you people. Thanks a lot! We got here thanks to a bunch of people giving us feedback, telling us about their problems and even issuing pull requests with solutions. Without all that help (and coffee, lots of coffee) we couldn’t have reached this point, we (Diego and Ivan) want to send our most sincere Thank you, you rock :).

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Minor Update - Kamon 0.6.3 Released!

10 Oct 2016

Dear community, we just published Kamon 0.6.3 which has a few minor bug fixes.

  • kamon-core
    • Use CAS for safer counter collection. (see pull #394).
    • Added getQueuedSubmissionCount. (see pull #392).
    • Pass orignal throwable to logging. (see pull #389).
    • Reading current tags in TraceContext. (see issue #379).
    • NanoTimestamp and NanoInterval as Case Classes. (see issue #376).
    • Include tags and status in TraceInfo and SegmentInfo. (see issue #377).
  • kamon-log-reporter
    • Added getQueuedSubmissionCount. (see pull #392).
  • kamon-spm
    • Added trace-errors, http, trace-segments and custom metrics support for SPM.(see pull #387).
  • kamon-elasticsearch
    • Module kamon-elasticsearch got lost in 0.6.2. (see issue #382).

As always, have fun with Kamon!

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Minor Update - Kamon 0.6.2 Released!

25 Jul 2016

Dear community, we just published Kamon 0.6.2 which has a few minor bug fixes and even new modules being added!

Thanks to Michal Faber for the Riemann module!.

Thanks to Julius de Bruijn for the InfluxDB module!.

Thanks to Carlos Dañel Ferreyra for the Khronus module!.

Thanks to Agile Digital Engineering for the kamon-play-25 module!.

Thanks a lot to everyone who provided feedback, fixes and even new modules, we really appreciate your enthusiasm! Without anything else to say, here is the changelog extract for this release:

  • kamon-core
    • Introduce finishWithError(Throwable) for Traces and Segments and include a counter to track errors. (see pull #356).
    • Add context name and token to MDC. (see pull #363).
    • Fix Histogram::tryRecord fix value is not passed to the logger. (see pull #335).
  • kamon-riemann
  • kamon-influxdb
  • kamon-influxdb
  • kamon-scala
    • Add support for twitter-util Futures. (see pull #370).
  • kamon-spm
    • Added spm tracing support. (see pull #369).
  • kamon-autoweave
  • kamon-play

As always, have fun with Kamon!

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Minor Update - Kamon 0.6.1 is out!

27 Apr 2016

Dear community, we just published Kamon 0.6.1 which has a few minor bug fixes and a correctly published kamon-akka-remote module for Akka 2.4.

Thanks to João Ferreira we now have a new Elasticsearch module! We are looking forward to your feedback with regards to this module, take a look at the related docs and give it a try.

For people using Akka 2.4, you can now safely use kamon-akka-remote_akka-2.4 without having workaround the wrong dependencies that were published with Kamon 0.6.0 (sorry about that :/).

Thanks a lot to everyone who provided feedback, fixes and even new modules, we really appreciate your enthusiasm! Without anything else to say, here is the changelog extract for this release:

  • kamon-core:
    • Add tags for Traces. (see issue #327).
    • Catch any exception being thrown when recording values on histograms. see pull #335).
  • kamon-akka-remote
    • Correctly published kamon-akka-remote_akka-2.4 for people using Akka 2.4.
  • kamon-newrelic:
    • Update newrelic-agent dependency. (see pull #330).
  • kamon-statsd:
    • in “normalize” strategy - add replace(“:”, “-“) after replace(“: “, “-“) to cover the remotely deployed actors case. (see pull #325).
  • kamon-elasticsearch:
    • We have a new Elasticsearch integration! (see pull #309).
  • kamon-autoweave:
    • Remove usage of breakable. (see pull #338).
  • kamon-spray:
    • Add tags in spray spray directives for tracing. (see issue #345).

As always, have fun with Kamon!

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Kamon 0.6.0 is finally here, download while still hot!

29 Mar 2016

Dear community, we are really happy to announce that after a long long wait, lots of fixes and even new modules being added, Kamon 0.6.0 is finally here!

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Playing with Streams and Monitoring Docker

13 Oct 2015

In this post we’ll show how to collect system metrics from Docker containers, making use of a very simple application that relies on Akka Streams/HTTP and all the benefits of Kamon’s machinery.

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Minor Update - Kamon 0.5.2 is out!

06 Oct 2015

Dear users,

Kamon 0.5.2 is out! This is a minor update containing just a handful of changes, mostly bug fixes.

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Minor Update - Kamon 0.5.1 is out!

31 Aug 2015

Dear users,

Kamon 0.5.1 is out! This is a minor update containing just a few changes, probably the most important being that we reverted a dependency upgrade that made us Java 8 only. Now we are back on Java 6+ land.

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Kamon 0.5.0 is out!

17 Aug 2015

Dear users,

Kamon 0.5.0 is out! Lots of community contributions, support for Play! 2.4, reporting of any metrics to New Relic (including Akka-related metrics) and a new Sematext SPM module are some of the highlights of this release!

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20 minutes in the Playground: Monitoring Scalatra with Kamon

08 Aug 2015

In this post we’ll show how to take a simple Scalatra project and setup up basic monitoring with Kamon. This is a really simplified example and also we will skip some issues related to the installation, because there are awesome tutorials about that. Having said that, let’s get to it!

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Welcome Akka 2.4, Goodbye Akka 2.2.

14 Jun 2015

In case you didn’t notice yet, we are using Akka internally to handle certain aspects of Kamon’s infrastructure, like using actor messages to support the metrics and trace subscription protocols, relying on Akka IO for UDP communication in the StatsD and Datadog modules and using Spray for our New Relic backend, which in turn builds on top of Akka.

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Kamon 0.4.0 is out!

09 May 2015

Dear users, we are extremely happy to announce that our long-awaited 0.4.0 release is now available!

This is, by far, the most extensive release we have had to the moment. As we mentioned in the Quick look at Kamon 0.4.0 post a couple months ago, we decided to rework all the Kamon internals and API with one goal in mind: turn Kamon into the Monitoring tool for applications running on the JVM, and this release certainly is a big step forward on that direction.

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Quick look at Kamon 0.4.0

13 Mar 2015

We have been working on Kamon for almost two years now and during that time we have seen it evolve from “the thing for AkKA MONitoring” that was only able to produce a couple actor metrics into a robust set of tools being used by hundreds of engineers around the globe; from guys doing a simple POC with Akka and Spray to big companies with several production servers being monitored with Kamon.

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Kamon 0.2.5/0.3.5 has Landed!

11 Nov 2014

We are very happy to announce that Kamon 0.2.5/0.3.5 has been released! This release comes with many improvements and new features that couldn’t be there without the valuable help of our contributors as well as our super awesome users reporting issues, suggesting improvements or giving feedback, to all of you, our most sincere thanks!

About three months have passed since our previous release and a lot has happened during this time, let’s start with our usual compatibility notes:

  • 0.3.5 is compatible with Akka 2.3, Spray 1.3, Play 2.3 and Scala 2.10.x/2.11.x
  • 0.2.5 is compatible with Akka 2.2, Spray 1.2, Play 2.2 and Scala 2.10.x
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Understanding Spray Client Timeout Settings

02 Nov 2014

If you have ever used spray-client in a real world application you certainly must have come to the point of setting reasonable timeouts for HTTP requests and you might already be familiar with these guys (extracted from Spray’s reference.conf file):

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Experimental support for Akka Remoting and Cluster is now available!

31 Aug 2014

Dear users, we are really happy to announce that our efforts on bringing support for Akka remoting and cluster to Kamon have finally arrived to a point where we can share a working feature with you!

Initially our plans were to deliver support for remoting and cluster in two releases from now 0.2.6/0.3.6 but during the last few months we received requests for this feature from many of our users, so we decided to deliver a experimental version earlier than what we initially expected and, if possible, ship this at least as experimental in 0.2.5/0.3.5. Here is a brief summary of what is included in the snapshots detailed bellow:

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Bugfix Release - Kamon 0.3.4/0.2.4 is out!

05 Aug 2014

Dear users, the 0.3.3/0.2.3 release that fixed a few issues last week still contain a couple problems reported by some of you, the most important one being a IndexOutOfBoundsException being thrown in some cases when recording values with a MinMaxCounter. We finally solved the issue and pushed a new release to make sure a stable version is available. The list of changes for this release is:

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Bugfix Release - Kamon 0.3.3/0.2.3 is out!

29 Jul 2014

Dear users, the Kamon 0.3.2/0.2.2 release that went out last week turned out to have two problems:

  • A NullPointerException was thrown when a actor is stopped (see issue 69).
  • User metrics were not being reported to StatsD and Datadog.
  • The kamon-system-metrics module artifacts didn’t include all the Sigar related files.
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Kamon 0.3.2/0.2.2 is out!

29 Jul 2014

We are really happy to announce that Kamon 0.3.2/0.2.2 is now available for download! This version comes with many improvements under the hood that reduce the memory footprint and processing time overhead when collecting metrics and introduce a simple yet very powerful tool: User Metrics. Now you can take advantage of all the goodies that we developed for recording metrics and use them at your own will: want to count how many logins you had in your app?, you have it; want to record the number of elements in a shopping cart when checking out? you have it, using the new UserMetrics extension.

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Get started quicker with our docker image

27 Apr 2014

We are very excited to see people adopting Kamon as their monitoring tool for reactive applications and, of course, we want to keep growing both in users base and features. According to our site metrics, the most visited section is the one describing our StatsD module, that made us think, what can we do to make it easier for people to get started with Kamon and StatsD?, well, that’s an easy question to answer: build a package containing all the required infrastructure and plumping, and let the users just focus on what cares to them, their apps and their metrics. That’s why today we are publishing a Docker image with all that you need to get started in a few minutes!

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Kamon for Akka 2.3 is now available!

24 Apr 2014

Dear community,

We are happy to announce that Kamon 0.3.0, our latest release, is out and compatible with Akka 2.3! From now on, all of our releases will come in pairs and aligned with the following Akka versions:

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Kamon meets the World!

17 Mar 2014

Dear community,

Some time ago we started working with Akka and Spray, and it has been awesome! The more we learned, the more we wanted to use these toolkits, and it didn’t take long until our coworkers started experimenting as well, I guess that’s what happens when you find something that brings more joy than usual to everyday coding.

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