Bugfix Release - Kamon 0.3.4/0.2.4 is out!

05 Aug 2014

Dear users, the 0.3.3/0.2.3 release that fixed a few issues last week still contain a couple problems reported by some of you, the most important one being a IndexOutOfBoundsException being thrown in some cases when recording values with a MinMaxCounter. We finally solved the issue and pushed a new release to make sure a stable version is available. The list of changes for this release is:

  • kamon-core
    • Fix IndexOutOfBoundsException being thrown when recording values from a MinMaxCounter (see issue 71).
    • Use the inline variant of TraceRecorder.withTraceContext.
    • Avoid having any other copies of the AspectJ weaver around in runtime by marking the weaver dependency as “provided”.
  • kamon-spray
    • Use the inline variant of TraceRecorder.withTraceContext.
  • kamon-play
    • Use the inline variant of TraceRecorder.withTraceContext.
  • kamon-log-reporter
    • Provide the ability to report system metrics.
  • kamon-system-metrics (Experimental)
    • Minor changes in the banner displayed when starting the system metrics module.

As usual, the compatibility information for this release:

  • 0.3.4 is compatible with Akka 2.3, Spray 1.3, Play 2.3 and Scala 2.10.x/2.11.x
  • 0.2.4 is compatible with Akka 2.2, Spray 1.2, Play 2.2 and Scala 2.10.x

Have fun with Kamon and let us know if you have any problems!

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