Kamon 0.6.0 is finally here, download while still hot!

29 Mar 2016

Dear community, we are really happy to announce that after a long long wait, lots of fixes and even new modules being added, Kamon 0.6.0 is finally here!

For now, we will keep it short and just give a huge thanks to all of our collaborators and users, we are constantly surprised by the number of amazing people around the world using Kamon and providing great feedback and fixes. To all of you: Thank You!

We plan to publish follow-up posts digging into some of the most relevant features of the release but if you are anxious, here is a extract from our changelog:

  • kamon-all
    • Ensure that Kamon becomes test friendly. (see issue #202).
    • Improve Kamon tooling for tests. (see issue #248).
  • kamon-core:
    • Avoid StackOverflowError shutting down JVM. (see issue #295).
    • Unsupported major.minor version in GlobPathFilter. (see issue #250).
    • Generalize ThreadPoolExecutors metrics. (see issue #247).
    • Fix typo in kamon auto-start error. (see pull #262).
    • Don’t throw an NPE during shutdown if Kamon hasn’t been started. (see pull #263).
    • Provide generic way to scale time and memory metrics. see pull #294).
    • Don’t throw MatchError when auto-start is disabled for a module. see pull #302).
  • kamon-akka:
    • Error thrown in dispatcher instrumentation when using custom dispatchers. (see issue #290).
    • Akka 2.4 support. (see issue #224).
    • Balancing pool router shows incorrect time-in-mailbox and mailbox-size metrics. (see issue #271).
    • Introduce selective instrumentation for Akka actors. (see pull #323).
  • kamon-akka-remote
    • Akka 2.4 support. (see issue #224).
  • kamon-system-metrics:
    • Class loading metrics should have no unit in kamon-system-metrics. (see issue #297).
    • Avoid updating the totalCount on our histograms. (see issue #293).
    • Histogram recorded value cannot be negative in ProcessCpuMetrics. (see issue #291).
    • Fix heap metrics update. (see pull #260).
    • Expose memory buffer pool metrics from JMX. (see pull #317).
  • kamon-newrelic:
    • Prevent NPE when errors are logged without New Relic Agent. (see pull #279).
    • Support the use of multiple names for a New Relic app. (see issue #255).
    • Match error when segments are not http-client. (see issue #253).
    • Add ssl support to agent. (see pull #268).
    • Associate logged errors with correct transaction. (see pull #269).
  • kamon-statsd:
    • Allow custom statsd senders + add simple statsd sender which doesn’t batch stats. (see pull #270).
    • Allow time and memory metrics be scaled before sending to statsd. see pull #294).
    • Fix time unit naming in reference.conf. see pull #298).
  • kamon-datadog:
    • Allow time and memory metrics be scaled before sending to datadog. see pull #294).
    • Fix time unit naming in reference.conf. see pull #298).
  • kamon-autoweave:
    • This new module allow attach the AspectJ loadtime weaving agent to a JVM after it has started. (see pull #292).
    • Doesn’t attach Mac JVM properly. (see pull #308).
  • kamon-jmx:
    • Reporting Metrics to JMX MBeans. (see pull #258).
  • kamon-fluentd:
    • This kamon-fluentd module provides capabilities to send kamon metrics to fluentd server. (see pull #264).
  • kamon-spm:
    • Fix sending metrics failure message. (see pull #280).
  • kamon-spray:
    • Check for trace-token header in case-insensitive manner. (see pull #299).

As always, have fun with Kamon!

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